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Lonesome Tree Designs Custom Leather & Knives

Custom leather & knives made the old fashion way, made in U.S.A.


You don't have to be a war hero to be a recipient of the Patriot Knife. I do though like to keep the recipients with in the state of Texas since I like to award them the knives unless I see or hear about something I like.I h=give them to moms and dads or businesses that do a lot of giving.

I get a lot of request for the knives for vets, well I wish I could give every vet, police officer and firemen one for their duty but I can't afford that so I look at what they have done that goes above and beyond the call of their duty or what vets have done after returning back to civilization. For instance Marine Scott Brown of the Scooter Brown Band. He's a combat vet but I don't know of any big medals he got while fighting for the Marines but it's what he has done since coming home that got him awarded the Patriot Knife. He volunteers with veteran organizations to help out his brothers and sisters plus he plays music at many fundraisers at no charge. Now don't go looking for him to sing at your next event for free. Scott has to make a living as well.

Veterans that come home and continue to serve those who serve us is important to me. They know what help other vets need.

Here's an article about an army vet that does just that, hes also retired law enforcement and disabled.

Some of you might think "why give a multimillionaire like Jim Macingvale of Gallery Furniture a Patriot knife?" well, have you ever personally thanked him for years of giving to the Houston Livestock show and rodeo or any other of the many events in Houston ever since hes been in business here. How many times have you heard of him giving furniture to victims of natural disasters or the explosion in the town of West, Texas? He's constantly paying it forward. I didn't tell him that I have a GoFundme Account set up or try and sell him something I went there to give him some thanks. If you've never been to Gallery Furniture, then you need to go, just to see everything he's been involved with over the years. You will see it all as you walk in the front door. When you see him, be sure to say thank you to him.

The outdoors and enjoying the outdoors is very important to me as the Bible, God and Country. I also look at moms and dads that teach kids about the great outdoors. If you want to continue to enjoy the outdoors then you need to get kids involved. Its doesn't have to be gun or hunting related either, just get them outdoors camping, fishing, metal detecting, looking for sharks teeth on the beach, collecting shells or hiking.