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Lonesome Tree Designs Custom Leather & Knives

Custom leather & knives made the old fashion way, made in U.S.A.

Repair and Restoration

From time to time I will take on such projects of items in need of repair or restoration such as family heirloom, cracked or broken fixed blade knives, cleaning up rusted knives leaving the original patina on the knife and replacing the sheath. If you have a leather item that's very old and is dry rotted, there's not enough oil in the world to fix dry rot. Your best bet is building a new leather item to protect the item that was in it or just putting the leather item in a shadow box but be sure to add some leather conditioner to keep it from deteriorating anymore. I can build new leather items that look old as well. I learned this from doing many years of saddle repair and dyeing leather to look like the rest. I do not do Saddle or Tack repair.

The first knife is the knife that pretty much got me into building knives. It was a Sheffield Gentlemen Bowie Knife from the Civil War that had gone through a house fire. They wanted the cracked stag handles replaced and the fire soot removed but didn't want to lose the original patina.

This is another family heirloom that the father sent home from Germany while he was fighting in the war. His wife used the smaller knife for many years for cleaning wild game and fish. The grandson brought it to me to clean up and replace the sheath. Once again leaving the patina. Well, cleaning it up I discovered under the rust someone done the line attempted to clean it up but only scratched it. The only way I could have removed the scratches was by polishing it bright but they decided to leave the scratches instead.

This was a collectors Rambo III knife that had a broken handles and covered in surface rust. I was able to clean the rust without taking off the laser engraving and replaced the handle